Everyone has a story to tell… let me tell yours

Whether it is the roundness of your growing belly, the way your child nestles into your shoulder, the way your husband looks at you lovingly or the smallness of your newborn baby,  I want to create timeless legacy pieces that tell your story, that you and your family can enjoy for decades to come

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Holly

I’m a photographer

I’m a mum to two gorgeous girls

I’m a wife to my biggest cheerleader for the past 10 years

I’m a lover of bold skies, be it the colours of the sunset, the storm rolling in, the different cloud formations or the grey and dreary overcast days

I’m a lover of being outdoors, on the local trails, at the beach, by the river, at the farm, in the trees, surrounded by fields of flowers, searching for crabs in rock pools, sand in my feet, muddy knees

I’m a lover of shadows, reflections, sunsets and silhouettes

I’m a lover of capturing connection, emotion, laughter, and most of all remembering my job is to capture the memories of now, you won't get this time again.

As a mum of two young girls, I understand the importance of capturing all of the important moments. 

Time is fleeting, your story starts here...